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Gift Vouchers

Perfect ideas for a unique and unforgettable gift!

Single Gift Vouchers
Go With the Flow! If you are unsure about the best massage for her/him, then this is the perfect gift!! The client can choose one treatment from our wide range of wonderful Ayurvedic massages: 

  • Back Massage,

  • Hot Stone Back Massage,

  • Hand Massage,

  • Abdominal Massage,

  • Head Massage and

  • Foot Massage

Just ask her or him to pick whichever one feels right!

Price: £45 

Luxury & Pure Natural Face-Lift Massage This is the most effective and non-invasive face lift available. This is the ideal gift for somebody who always likes to look gorgeous! This facial rejuvenating massage relaxes face muscles, improves blood circulation and hence makes the skin looking glowing and radiant!


Whole Body Massage A deeply relaxing, revitalizing and harmonizing massage that helps quickly and effectively to rejuvenate the entire body. Massaging marma points along the body and using long, gentle strokes leaves the person
relaxed, refreshed and re-energized!

Price: £60 

Luxury Udvartana Massage If you are looking for the ultimate de-stressing and beautifying gift here is it! This amazing Herbal Body Scrub Massage not only detoxifies the entire body, stimulates circulation and aids digestion but also leaves the skin beautifully smooth, soft and silky.

Price: £65 

Shirodhara An unforgettable gift! This truly blissful and unique treatment in which warm, herbs infused oil is gently poured over the forehead, provides extremely deep relaxation, creates inner calm and delivers true serenity.

Price: £60 

Treatments Gift Vouchers
Devi's Dream - To begin with a relaxing foot massage before receiving Shirodhara treatment amounts to a dream treatment for a constantly busy people, those always on the move. It helps to remove tiredness, alleviate stress related conditions such as anxiety and insomnia and bring peace and tranquility to the mind.

Price: £90  

Soothing  Touch This is a great gift for anyone suffering from back pains. The combination of soothing Kati Basti (a lower back warm oil treatment) or Greeva Basti (warm oil treatment for the neck) and back massage brings a real relief and gently removes the tension from the back. Highly recommended for people with sedentary jobs.

 Price: £80 

De-Stress Package If you are looking for a gift for somebody with a hectic life style - here is something to de-stress, relax and revitalize. Our de-stress package comprises: a foot massage to relax, a back massage to ease and remove the tension and a gentle head & face massage to calm the mind. This is a very powerful and effective composition!

Price: £100  

The Royal Touch The ultimate beauty package for her or him. This package combines three anti-aging massages comprising foot, hand and face-lift massages. The Royal Touch is not only the best method for keeping wrinkles at bay but also an effective way to relax and soothe nerves. The three-part process concentrates the effects of the treatment to make them last longer -  because the beauty is not only skin deep!

Price: £110 

The Gift Voucher is valid 3 months from the date of issue, can only be used once and is not redeemable for cash or voucher of smaller denomination.

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